Heinrich Medika Ltd is a UK based medical device manufacturing company with an emphasis on Electrosurgical products that are manufactured in its own manufacturing facility in Sialkot.

The company also manufactures and distributes General Single Use Surgical Instruments. These include a wide range of Laparoscopic and Gynaecological products as well as Biopsy and Eye Instruments.

What makes us unique is our bottom up approach to product design, manufacture and quality control. Headed by a Medical Doctor, our philosophy is that of a Patient and Surgeon centric approach whilst still allowing our products to be accessible to potential customers with our competitive pricing policy thus establishing us as a respected manufacturer and distributor in this market.

The innovative nature of Heinrich Medika Ltd is clearly visible in our efforts to maintain and improve quality and safety whilst at the same time reducing cost resulting in significant cost savings to our customers. We take a very keen interest in both product and process innovation both of which allow us to maintain our standing as the company of choice for quality and value.

Product innovation relies heavily on feedback from current market users in alliance with in-house proposals from the specialist technicians that make up the Heinrich team. This information is applied to further our innovation into unique design and proprietary materials to maintain quality and safety whilst aiming to reduce cost and thus maximising financial benefits to our customers.

Separate innovation in terms of process development and streamlining takes place at our manufacturing plant with regular conference and trials of suggested process alterations. This is an ongoing process and we at Heinrich drive to continually improve our processes in order, once again, to improve the quality, safety, consistency and cost effectiveness.

Current studies in design and process management include using non-traditional installation methods and development and application of proprietary coating materials. These are all industry firsts and will see Heinrich propelled to the forefront of this market.

As well as our current product offering, we also have a number of products in the developmental stage that will see Heinrich moving to further specialties and different markets, thus widening our scope and making the Heinrich name synonymous with all things Electrosurgical and the brand synonymous with quality, efficacy and value.

For further information please visit www.heinrichmedika.co.uk